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Ana Torres 2009 Bridal Collection

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The following dress has a classic basic style which looks lovely but is dressed up with the sun-ray pleats the whole way around the skirt of the dress. It elongates the skirt (and thus the legs) of the bride.The change of direction as the fabric is pulled tight around the waist helps to accentuate the small waist. Loving it.

Ana Torres 2009 Bridal Collection

I’m in love with the next dress because of the use of lace. It looks like very fine lace and that is one of my all time dreams for a wedding dress so of course I was drawn to this dress. The beautiful flow and falling of the skirt, combined with the golden embroidery and pearls around the waist, just top off the whole design. Dream design!

Ana Torres 2009 Bridal Collection 1


Written by Petite Mystere

July 16, 2009 at 3:16 pm

Terry Fox 2009 Bridal Collection

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Terry Fox 2009 Bridal Collection

The bottom of the dress and the edging shown on the right side of the dress (the left as we see it) looks horrible. but the photo shoot is gorgeous and the bodice with matching jewelry is nothing short of beautiful.

Written by Petite Mystere

July 15, 2009 at 2:27 pm

One Teaspoon 2009 Winter Collection

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One Teaspoon - Cavalry body Suit & Salvaged Recycled Short

OT6107 Cavalry Body Suit | $109.95

OT6200 Salvaged Recycled Short | $89.95

I don’t like body suits, but man I positively love this body suit by One Teaspoon in their new collection.

One teaspoon - Photocopy Bird A-Line top

OT6380 Photocopy Bird  A-Line | $69.95 

OT6140 Union Jacket | $129.95

OT6200 Salvaged Recycled Short | $89.95


I’m loving this Union Jacket in the Winter Collection and I think the signature print for One Teaspoon (the hummingbird) looks adorable of the singlet and paired with the cropped Union Jacket. Of course the most annoying thing about both of these is the pricing of them.

Written by Petite Mystere

July 14, 2009 at 8:02 pm

Ruth Tarvydas Spring Summer 2009 “Hollywood” Collection

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Another posting for the Tarvydas Collections. This is from the “Hollywood” Spring Summer Collection of 2009.I chose to post this dress because of the detailing on the front of the dress around the neck line. The picture really isn’t that good and doesn’t show off the dress properly because the model is so pale and as a result the dress doesn’t stand out, but I have seen it before on another girl wearing it to their school ball and it looked amazing. It would look positively stunning in either a dark but bright red or royal blue with silver detailing, or in a darker purple with golden detailing.

Ruth Tarvydas - Spring Summer 2009 HollywoodRuth Tarvydas - Spring Summer 2009 Hollywood

Written by Petite Mystere

July 13, 2009 at 7:53 pm

Ruth Tarvydas Autumn Winter Collection 2009

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Ruth Tarvydas Autumn Winter 2009  - #3434

I’m loving these two dresses (above and below) by Ruth Tarvydas. They’re both part of the new Autumn Winter Collection of 2009. I’m loving the fabric choice of the top dress and the details around the strap and neck line. I am positively in love with the back of the dress below as well. I true Tarvydas style the beading and chain work in the detailing would most likely be extremely heavy and weighty, but it looks so marvelous, so who cares right?  After all, us females suffer for fashion all the time.

Tarvydas Autumn Winter 2009 - #3342

Ruth Tarvydas Autumn Winter 2009

This dress here is another favourite from the collection. Generally speaking I don’t like the whole metallic thing or completely beaded and shiny dress sort of thing, but this along with very few other things has become an exception to my usual disliking. I’m also loving the loose hanging material at the bottom of the extremely low cut backing of the dress. I’m not a big fan of the new craze about the low cut backings… but that’s mainly because I personally can’t pull it off. The style is actually really sexy though.

Ruth Tarvydas Autumn Winter 2009 #3402

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July 13, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Burberry Campaign 2009

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Emma Watson Burberry Campaign 2009

I must say that I am absolutely loving the new Burberry Campaign featuring Emma Watson as the sole female model. Emma Watson is looking gorgeous and I’m totally digging the jackets she wears as well as the bag in the above shot.

Burberry Emma WAtson 2009

Emma Watson Burberry 2009

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July 12, 2009 at 4:05 am

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Zuhair Murad 2009 Spring Summer Collection

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These are just a couple of the dresses from the Zuhair Murad 2009 Spring Summer Collection – my favourite ones of course.

Zuhair Murad 2009 Spring Summer Collection

The photography for these dresses, both above and below, is the style I love to see for the maxi dresses with lots of fabric. It looks awesome and you get to see just how big the skirt is.I love the pattern and colour of the dress below in particular. As much as I like the backing of that dress as well, I adore the above dress’s neck and waist line – the tucks, folds, draping, and to top it off, the added patterning. They both remind me of the versions that I have seen produced by Kookai in the 2009 Summer Collection.

Zuhair Murad 2009 Spring Summer Collection

The use of colours in the dress below are beautiful. I usually absolutely hate brown and blue being mixed together, but this looks exquisite – especially with the soft fabric and draping. It’s beautifully emphasised with the lines of the folds at the top of the dress and the knot tie over.

Zuhair Murad 2009 Spring Summer Collection

Generally, I hate both metallic dresses and sequined dresses. However this seasons rise in use of sequins for party dresses has made me begin to appreciate the more classier styles of it. This dress below by Zuhair Murad, is beautifully done and manages to looks classy and sophisticated without the usual tackiness that I usually relate to shiny over the top pieces.

Zuhair Murad 2009 Spring Summer Collection 4

Written by Petite Mystere

July 11, 2009 at 4:20 am