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Ruth Tarvydas Autumn Winter Collection 2009

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Ruth Tarvydas Autumn Winter 2009  - #3434

I’m loving these two dresses (above and below) by Ruth Tarvydas. They’re both part of the new Autumn Winter Collection of 2009. I’m loving the fabric choice of the top dress and the details around the strap and neck line. I am positively in love with the back of the dress below as well. I true Tarvydas style the beading and chain work in the detailing would most likely be extremely heavy and weighty, but it looks so marvelous, so who cares right?  After all, us females suffer for fashion all the time.

Tarvydas Autumn Winter 2009 - #3342

Ruth Tarvydas Autumn Winter 2009

This dress here is another favourite from the collection. Generally speaking I don’t like the whole metallic thing or completely beaded and shiny dress sort of thing, but this along with very few other things has become an exception to my usual disliking. I’m also loving the loose hanging material at the bottom of the extremely low cut backing of the dress. I’m not a big fan of the new craze about the low cut backings… but that’s mainly because I personally can’t pull it off. The style is actually really sexy though.

Ruth Tarvydas Autumn Winter 2009 #3402


Written by Petite Mystere

July 13, 2009 at 6:52 pm

Lazaro Autumn 2009 Bridal Collection

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I absolutely love the set design and backdrop for the photography of this campaign. It’s exquisite and I love the mysterious shadows and lurkings of hidden forests/flora. It’s beautiful and I think it really sets the wedding gowns off with the colour scheme they chose. The dresses stand out extremely well and the detail looks amazing. I’m probably more in love with the photography than the dresses, but as far as big dresses go, I quite like this top dress. I like the details around the bodice with the lace in particular.

Lazaro Autumn 2009 Bridal Collection

Normally I’m not a fan of big puffy “princess” dresses, nor am I a fan of dresses like the one below with the skirt not starting and accentuating outwards until mid thigh, but in this case, I was quite taken back by the design. It still reminds me immensely of the bridesmaid dresses in the movie  My Big Fat Greek Wedding. That alone scares me. I think I am perhaps more impartial to this dress because again I like the photography and the scene.

Lazaro Autumn 2009 Bridal Collection


Written by Petite Mystere

July 10, 2009 at 8:28 am